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 Slayer Story

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PostSubject: Slayer Story   Slayer Story Icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 5:06 pm

Code 66-615 Briefing

Well met, soldiers.
I am lieutenant colonel Kaiser, and I am in charge of homefront support operations.
However, now is not the time for casual pleasantries. Let me explain our current situation.
While I understand that you have been trained in battling intrinsically unique and unidentified enemies, your understanding of the current situation in Eslania is probably low.
Currently 60 percent of this country is under the influence of a group of unique primates with propensity for blood consumption called Homo Vampricus, commonly
known as vampires. Some of you might have already engaged in skirmishes with these vampire-kinds.
However, our current situation assumes a completely different aspect, thus we Slayers have been called in. Is this clear, soldiers?

These vampires are not the same as the kind you see in Hollywood movies.
You can find detailed information on this in the field operations manual, but I will go over the basics right now.
First, although they possess similar outer appearance as with human beings, their physiology is completely different. They are said to gain their energy through the consumption of human or animal blood. While they are not restricted to human blood, it is known that most vampires prefer human blood for the sake of efficiency and taste.
What is more serious is that some victims of vampire attacks undergo a physiological change much similar to that of the vampires.
It is yet to be confirmed whether such mutated victims, collectively known as “Slaves”, retain their previous consciousness and intelligence as humans or simply move under the control of the vampires. However, these Slaves also show the propensity to crave human flesh and blood.
Therefore, vampires are the arch-nemesis of humans, and must be eliminated.

They do not fear garlic or the cross. However, exposure to direct sunlight causes combustion on their skin, and prolonged exposure results in complete combustion.
What is puzzling the current reports of their activities around the clock, despite their weakness to the sunlight. It is construed that, rather than a physiological change in the vampires, it is due to a something in these regions influencing them. Therefore you must not forget that our mission includes the discovery and the destruction of that something.

The vampire race had been avoiding public exposure and animosity from humankind, and they had no choice but to be among us humans due to their weakness to sunlight that prevented them from activities through the day.
But they have finally revealed their evil nature and come to massacre 13 of the citizens in this country.
The big boys above coded this current situation 66615 and approved a full, frontal counterattack. This operation is sponsored by the Vatican, the Rosen Kroitz Templar, the NSA of the United States, and other organizations whose names will not be mentioned due to security reasons.
Your deployment is a part of it. From now on, you will answer to us not as a member of your previous affiliations but as a Slayer.
Welcome to this battle for the protection of human dignity, soldier.

For more detailed basic strategies, refer to the Field Operations Manual FM-31-666a.
Best luck to you on the battlefield.

Until we meet again alive. Amen!
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PostSubject: Re: Slayer Story   Slayer Story Icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2014 5:57 am

I don't know if you guys already have this but one of the members on Nex posted it recently, they found it doing some translation of files and this was buried in them.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

" July 2000, some strange movements are noticed at the 'Helea' region, north of 'Edonia', the capital of 'Eslania' republic in Eastern Europe. The Vampires are appearing. Our informers in the region reports that vampires are currently looking for something. Sadly, it seems that they can walk around in daylight without any bad effects on them.
To our surprise, just like as they have something in common, Vampire masters that were scattered all around the world, are now gathering in the region. All of them have been worshiped as gods of Vampires. We don't know why they are gathering in the region, but their appearances itself now make us very nervous.
Eslanian government had sent their army in the region to treat these 'monsters', but their military forces were far from adequate. When the government found out that these monsters were vampires, they isolated the region and totally controlled the press not to report any news about   the vampires. Most of their earnings are based on travelers from foreign countries, and such news would surely bring the failing of economy.
The Prime minister of Eslania called help to the Pope, and the Pope now asks us to help. As our leaders were warned of vampire masters, we already sent few agents to watch their movements, but we lost contact with them. This time, every available slayer will take part in the operation. The region is completely isolated other regions, so now we can openly fight Vampires. This is also a good chance to show our flag.

Now the briefing on the region.

Country : Eslania
Location : South East of Europe
Total Area : 152,100 km^2
Length of the Border Line : 2451 Km
Length of the Shore Line : 145Km
Territorial Water: within 12 nautical mile
Population : 5133567 (as time of 1998)
Capital: Edonia
Language : Russian, Eslanian, English
Literacy : 98%
Races: Eslanian 94%, Russian 3%, Hungarian 2%, German 1%
Religions : Orthodox 64.8%, Catholic 31.2%, Protestant 4%
Day of Independence: 1992.12.30
Constitution : 92.12, 98.3 2nd renewal
Type of Government: the parliamentary government
Chief of the state : the president Consantine (age 71, took office at 1999.5.13)
Prime Minister: Misherovichi (age 58, took office at 2000.4.1)
Real Power Holder: Prime Minister Misherovichi
Congress : two Houses. Senate house and the house of representatives.
Became U.N. member at : Dec 14, 1998.
G.D.P. : $ 61600000000. GDP per individuals : $12,000
The Monetary unit : Eis  
Size of Military : Army 11,300. Navy 10,000, Air force 31,200 (1999)

Eslania gained its independence with the breakdown of the Soviet Union. The country is located near rich Western Europe, and it is famous of its beautiful landscape and splendid buildings of the Orthodox style. It is known as the richest country in the Eastern Europe. Russia didn't want to lose the region, but Eslanians had hired mercenaries to achieve its independence. It has typical climate of Eastern Europe. Ninety percent of the land is mountainous area, so the length of daytime is usually short.
Eslania is divided in 4 regions. At the center, The capital city Edonia is located. Helea, Misero, Ukria and Donau surround the capital. Helea, the region of our operation is famous for its sceneries¡¦ but it is very isolated area with low population. Most of its people live on farming.
As you can guess, educational levels of local populations are generally low, and their quality of living is also low compared to other regions of Eslania.
The region is vast, but there are few open fields and mostly mountains. Five villages are located in the region, and vampires have appeared around those villages. They are in the distance of 200km from the capital, but because of high mountains, it is very isolated. So the government was easy to control the press and media.
The villages are scattered in the distance of 10 km. In the center, the Eslanian city is located. Eldarian in west, Galmasian in East, Andarasian in south, Edenian in north.
Vampire masters are gathering to the region. They are resting in their lairs that their minions have prepared, and they are sending minions to search something. Their lairs are surrounding the villages. What make us worry is that all thirteen masters are gathered in the region. Even in records of elders, no such events were happened before. We don't know what they are looking for, but it must be something very important. Your mission; get what those masters are looking for before they find it. And destroy the masters if it is possible.

Currently we are using the government buildings as our Headquarters. As usual, all weapons and equipments will be delivered to the active area by air. When you go outside after this briefing, Mr. Jacque will bring you to the airplane. Don't act alone, move as a team. Many local people already got killed and transformed to vampires. Still, many innocent people are locked in the region because isolation of the region. Securing their safety is also one of your missions. Help them as much as possible. Then they will help you back. Let no one suffer from vampires!
We are fighting not only one or two vampires, but hoards of them. So be very careful. ¡¦ If you get bitten by a vampire¡¦ as our rule says¡¦ kill yourself. Good luck
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PostSubject: Re: Slayer Story   Slayer Story Icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2014 7:57 am

This is an awesome addition! Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Slayer Story   Slayer Story Icon_minitime

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Slayer Story
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