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 New content and Halloween event !

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New content and Halloween event ! Empty
PostSubject: New content and Halloween event !   New content and Halloween event ! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2015 3:46 am

We've got new items, new quests and lairs added ! the max level is now 550 and there's plenty to see and do !
We're getting the bugs fixed ( its not perfect but its getting better every time ) and there's more new stuff on the way
Now is a great time to come and have a look if you want a fun server.
All the skills are free, you can get shu arts now just for taking part in bible wars, you can turn game money from doing lairs, flag war etc into market points and right now everything is half price on the market so its even easier

Halloween Event is now opened!!!

1. 50% OFF
-All market items and Gamble are now 50% OFF price
-Until Oct 31, 2015

2. Donation with x5 INSANE BOOST
-Until Oct 31, 2015

3. JackO Lantern
-Monsters will drop Soccer Ball.
-You will exchange them to JackO Latern Gift Box from UCP (LINK)
-All Details are in UCP page. Please read carefully before USE grin emoticon
-Until Oct 31, 2015

4. SHU Item Event
-You can buy SHU article with Honor Point which you earn from Bible War!
-You must transfer your Honor Point to Honor Market Point from UCP (LINK)
-All Details are in UCP page. Please read carefully before USE grin emoticon
-Until Oct 31, 2015

5. Kamilra/Dracula/Under Lab/ Lacoste Quest and Lair
-Key drops from 10 to 1.
-You will need just 1 Forbiddon Blood to access the quest or lair

X2 EXP EVENT from Friday to Sunday this weekend!!

Team will have new stuff after Halloween so Stay Tuned for it!
Thank you and Enjoy!
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New content and Halloween event !
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