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 Vampire Story

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PostSubject: Vampire Story   Vampire Story Icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 5:34 pm

The cross or garlic is of no harm to us.
That we fear such things is merely a figment of unenlightened human imagination.
But this does not mean immortality.
Under the pure sunlight, we are effortlessly turned into ashes.
And while mere guns and blades cannot harm us, those with powers to give us the true death occasionally appear as well.
We call them the Slayers, and we have feared them. But in this country, on the soil of Eslania, even you youngsters can stand up to them on equal terms. It is because there is an ancient artifact somewhere in this country, which grants us great powers.
It is called the Blood Bible. Through the incredible power within this artifact, we vampires are now able to move about in broad daylight. Of course, the seal on the Blood Bible has not yet been completely destroyed, and we have yet to be able to use our power to its full extent in the day. It is to find the Blood Bible that the twelve clan Masters have come to gather in this small country. Our gathering has naturally attracted the attention of the Slayers, and this country is seeing a great war, so great that it is unprecedented even in our long vampire history.

Oh, that we would embrace the power of the Blood Bible! Our terribly imbalanced bodies would be realized in true immortality and everlasting life! Despite the devoted search efforts of our race, the location of the Blood Bible is yet to be determined. Some rumors tell us that a few Masters have discovered at least a fragment of the Blood Bible, but no one can be certain of this.
It is said that some of us who were curious enough to attempt to confirm this have met eternal death. What fools… There is something you must remember. Do not be bound by your past as a human and reproach yourself! Humans call us evil and themselves good. But do you call lions wicked for hunting and eating rabbits? We are simply above humans on the food chain, and we simply require human blood for our survival.
Though we exist beyond the human capacity for reasoning, it is an unchanging truth that we, too, need to survive. Is it not so? Survival is a matter of one’s own decision. I pray that you, too, will make a wise judgment on this.

Also, although this country, Eslania, is our hunting ground, do not let your guard down. Do not forget that you, young vampires have not yet fully stepped into the fullness of our power as vampires. If you do not want to succumb to human toys and meet eternal death, perhaps you would want to train more in my den.
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Vampire Story
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