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 Ouster Story

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PostSubject: Ouster Story   Fri May 23, 2014 5:59 pm

Our eternal life does not require blood. Unlike those who consider a brilliant ray of the sun a curse, we embrace it as the nature’s blessing. As well, unlike vampires or humans who need to be divided into males and females, we are of the perfect form of only one gender. Thus all of us can love each other.
The elementals of the Great Nature are granted only to us who commune with nature, and these elementals will protect you always. Of course, also remember that you can protect yourself and your race through your raw physical power without the aid of elementals..
Before getting into the teaching proper, perhaps a brief introduction to our race is in order.
The Ousters came into existence through Sorceress Karisas in the 15th century when Rakia in northern Eslania was under the control of vampires. Through the power of magic, Lady Karisas turned the poor victims of vampric feeding into “half vampires”. However, though they despised vampires, they could not coexist with humans either, and fate forced them to moved on and establish an independent home.
The terrible war between vampires, humans, and the Ousters ended when humans triumphed, and to Rakia came what only humans could see in their perspective as peace. In this war, the Ousters were almost completely destroyed - aside from Lady Karisas, only four other Ousters barely survived the ordeal. Lady Karisas led the few survivors and headed south according to the revelation give to her. Her revelation led our race to the entrance to the Holyland of Adam.
However, they had no way of discerning a way to break the seal on the entrance. All they did find out was that the secret within the Holyland of Adam would bring terribly great power to vampires. Our ancestors decided to take the place of the ancient guardians who perished in defense of the Sacred Ground, and made their new home close by.
In the 10 years since the Ousters first came into existence, many lovers swore marital vows, but not a single offspring was born. And without any more victims of vampric feeding, our ancestors had no way of growing their community. Even Lady Karisas shook her head at this. The four survivors despaired.
But the mysterious power that the ancient civilization had left behind gave our ancestors the miracle that would raise up our race. Lavinia, the only female out of the four survivors, gave birth to twins. These babies were different from the previous Ousters, and we are their direct descendants. While they showed incredible power and strength, even more so than the previous generation, what was even more notable was the fact that they were neither male nor female. Lavinia and other once again despaired. But when these twins grew to adulthood, they started to regularly lay strangely shaped eggs called germins. These eggs came together on their own and started to breathe as a single life-form.
So we were able to rekindle the dying flames of life as a race. But, not even a century after, the end of life was drawing near for the old Lady Karisas, and the prosperity of our race ceased together with her. Lady Karisas gathered her final strength to surround our village with an invisible seal, and put both the village and her own soul into a state of hibernation.
500 years later, vampires again dominate Eslania and the Holyland of Adam has finally opened up. This has caused the spirit of Lady Karisas to awake and the entire Ousters village with her. The spirit of Lady Karisas, with Lavinia as her host, has taken a heavy step forward in driving out the vampires from this land.
With obedience to the teachings and the will of Lady Karisas, we have once again started a war to defend our home and our ideals. We pray that you, too, will stand in agreement with this and join the noble cause of our race.
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Ouster Story
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