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 The Dark eden story.

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The Dark eden story. Empty
PostSubject: The Dark eden story.   The Dark eden story. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2014 6:22 am

All credit to Faith Lehane for the fantastic amount of work involved in collecting this.

Quote :
The lives of the inhabitants of a mountain area of Helea known as Eslanian were forever changed when several days after Christmas 3 strangers made their arrival as the sun was setting. These strangers were called Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth Bathory and Gilles de Rais and were none other than 3 powerful master vampires. In few minutes, all the inhabitants of the area of Eslanian got slaughtered and/or sired. This massacre known as "Bloody Monday" was just a mere distraction as their real motivations lied elsewhere. It was said that the first 12 vampires, known as Vampire Masters, were born in this area and Bathory, Tepes and de Rais decided to form an alliance to return to their birth place in order to receive the power from the mother of all vampires, Lilith, sealed in Adam's Sanctuary. With their joint efforts, the gate of the Sanctuary opened quite easily. However, as the gate opened, the energy that was sealed inside scattered in 4 directions. As it moved away from the Sanctuary, the tremendous energy accumulated itself into a layer which eventually stopped its progression covering Helea as a whole, the place which hosted a portal to Adam's Sanctuary. This energy layer was called the Chaos Templum and had for effect to block the ultraviolet rays which are fatal to all vampires. Thanks to the Chaos Templum, vampires were now free to venture outside during day time. This led waves of vampires to gather in Helea which was seen as a new Eden, a place where they no longer needed to hide from the sun.

This situation didn't only reach the vampire community but the human one as well. Quickly, the leaders of the most powerful nations chose to isolate Eslanian and its surroundings. Several international organizations sent investigation groups within the boundary of the Chaos Templum but none came back except for one man who confirmed the legends about vampires having infested the region. Shortly after, a secret anti-vampire international organization was formed and was named E.V.E (Experts in Vampire Elimination). The man who was chosen as the head of this organization was none other than the survivor from the investigation group since he was the one who knew better than anyone else what was going on there.

The E.V.E soldiers, now known as Slayers, entered Elsanian and began attacking young vampires who once were the citizens of Eslanian. The troops soon secured the place and established their temporary headquarters in the urban part of Eslanian which was now known as its center. It didn't take long before the established vampires became wary of the intrusion of the Slayers and the first clash occured at the East of the E.V.E headquarters in ancient underground ruins which were known as Eslanian dungeon. E.V.E brought 1 regiment to the field against the hundred vampires gathered there and managed to repel them thanks to their modern weapons. However, vampire magic seemed to overwhelm these same weapons. The Eslanian area was now secured by E.V.E and only young vampires and monsters deemed as inoffensive could be found. However, both slayers and vampires became aware of a new effect the Chaos Templum had on them, not only did it prevent vampires from burning from the sun rays but it also made both of them stronger than ever before in increasing their damage and combat power.

With the area of Eslanian now secured, slayers went in search of vampires in other areas as well as new stabbing maneuvers. Fights between vampires and slayers now became the daily routine of Helea with losses in both sides. Meanwhile, the three Master vampires realized that having opened the seal of the Sanctuary wasn't sufficient enough to acquire the power found inside but that they needed to collect all the pieces of their mother's soul that got divided into 13 Blood Bible, with the 13th being at the deepest place of the grave inside the Sanctuary. Their lust for power made Bathory, Tepes and de Rais break their alliance all unwilling to share it. The consequences of this split divided the vampire community unsure about which Master to follow. Bathory found shelter in the Castle of Limbo while Tepes established himself in the Castle of Rasen whereas de Rais went to Lake Timore and froze the whole area. Now divided, vampires were more vulnerable than ever now having a war from within opposing the Bathory followers to the ones faithful to Tepes. Nevertheless, vampires managed to remain strong in numbers now filling their ranks with fallen slayers who got sired thus forcing slayers to face a new dilemna compelling them to fight yesterday's friends turned today's enemies. Eventually a clash occured between Bathory and Tepes from which Tepes emerged victorious though unsuccessful in destroying his rival. Both where tremendously affected and had to regroup in their respective lairs. Since then, the status quo prevailed between the two factions and vampires shifted their main focus back on the slayers threat.

In the midst of the deadly battles occuring all over Helea, an ancient race that shared characteristics with both humans and vampires -and which almost got extinguished by vampires 400 years ago except for 4 survivors- awoke, this race was the one of the Ousters. When they went outside, the Ousters were horrified by the drastic changes their surroundings had undergone through the thousand wars between vampires and slayers taking place there and vowed to purify their land from these intruders. (This scenario was added to the story when the Ousters were introduced to the game)

Now here is what happened since then:

Quote :
During the atrocities of World War II, one particular vampire reveled in it, her name was Ilse Koch, one of the 12 Vampire Masters. She showed extreme cruelty by flaying prisoners of war in order to make various objects with their skins such as lampshades, she especially loved tattooed skins. While this shocked the rest of the world who gave her the monicker "Bitch of Buchenwald" or "Red Witch of Buchenwald", Karl Koch, her human husband at the time was particularly impressed and asked her to become a vampire.
Ilse Koch believed she would get stronger power as a Vampire Master if she managed to find strong and powerful skins.

Unfortunately for her, the Allies attacked the POW camp in which she had settled in and put an end to all her experiments. To overcome the shock, she left Germany and settled in Eslania where she hibernated inside bee wax for such a long time that the other Vampire Masters started to believe she had been destroyed.
Before entering into her self-imposed sleep, she instructed her followers to keep conducting experiments to find the strongest skins that would give her great power when she comes back. Karl Koch sold the many treasures Ilse had accumulated and founded several pharmaceutical companies acting as cover ups for these experimentations and set up shop in a small rural part of Helea known as Vranco. The main company was given the name "I.K. Corporation: Institute for Serology".

These pharmaceutical companies created lots of jobs and quickly the rural village of Vranco expanded into a full fledged city over the years being fueled by the profits made by I.K. Corp.
None of the inhabitants of Vranco realized at the time that "I.K. Corporation" stood for "Ilse Koch Corporation".

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

This masquerade lasted for years until the events of "Bloody Monday" when Bathory, Tepes and Gilles de Rais arrived in Helea and slaughtered most of its inhabitants. Feeling that their experiments could be endangered with the appearance of other Vampire Masters, Karl Koch decided to accelerate the pace of the experiments to find strong skins and sent the followers of Ilse Koch capture all the inhabitants of Vranco.
This became known as "The incident of I.K.". Test subjects of these experiments having been turned into monsters were unleashed in the streets and soon Vranco started to look like a battlefield. The inhabitants of Vranco were either brought to I.K. to undergo experiments or were turned into mindless ghouls serving Ilse Koch and her followers.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Upon hearing about the "Incident of I.K.", E.V.E sent some of its soldiers investigating the issue.

The machine used for these experimentations can be found in IK B2F
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

This is around this point (well after Roahm 5 actually) that I believe the main development team moved to the development of Darkeden II. It was mentioned in a recent interview that this is the reason why there wasn't much updates and that now that DE II is on good tracks, they were able to go back to Darkeden to provide more updates (starting with the Lacoste Castle update of last December).
I believe it was around Vranco time because it is the last outside maps we got that was a territory of a lair master (Bathory had Limbo, Tepes had Rasen, GDR has Timore and Koch had Vranco).
Moreover, Ilse Koch was never actually implemented (when you gather everything to enter her lair you get a shitty effect potion instead), so the development team that took over while the others were working on DE II had probably assumed the Vranco update/story was complete and moved on to new ones.

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The Dark eden story. Empty
PostSubject: The arrival of Ousters   The Dark eden story. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2014 6:31 am

[quote="Faith"]Below can be found the loading screen referring to the emergence of the Ousters. Note the mistake, it should be "half vampires" and not "half ousters". Pretty much like for the Bathory and Tepes NPCS, there was a quest hidden in the text files aimed at introducing players to Ousters:

[size=150]THE ARRIVAL OF OUSTERS[/size]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark eden story.   The Dark eden story. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2014 6:35 am

[quote="Faith"][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The Vranco update arrived in Korea in 2005.

[size=150]VRANCO CITY SCENARIO[/size]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Note: These were the info when they got originally revealed. When they got implemented in game some changes in level and location occured (like Rakels) and the plan for Polehpa got scrapped (as it seemed to happen a lot, see later with Carmilla). He later got changed into Onibla and was no longer a vampire.
As far as Cald Omenesc is concerned, he got introduced early on but would later be implemented during the "Lost Child" events.

HAUPTMANN - lvl 115
OBERST - lvl 133

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Vranco, IK underground lab

Monster description:
Belongs to the upper ranks who can use magic. He possesses a certain intelligence to direct battles and is unwilling to directly take part in them. His dignity is important to him but if you dispose of his men you will soon regret it.

FELDWEBEL - lvl  106 (to be updated)
UNTERFELDWEBEL - lvl 118 (to be updated)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Vranco, IK underground lab

Monster description:
A part of this monster's body has been weaponized. He received modifications in his body to know which path to follow but his mind is empty outside battles. He might seem to linger but you will not be able to dodge his mighty bullets.

STURMMANN - lvl 93
GEFREITER - lvl 102
FLIEGER - lvl 102

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Vranco

Monster description:
They can be thought of as zombies because their bodies are severely decaying, but it should be noted that they can be used as proficient weapons against humans.
They attack their enemies in group and look like a well trained army.

RAKEL - lvl 133 (to be updated)
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: IK underground lab
Monster description:
They were students in medicine that were infused with the blood of a vampire that was a lecturer and are now aiming at turning humans into monsters. They already had a high intelligence when human and are able to use magic as their intelligence was left intact after becoming vampires.

SIAMESE - lvl 133
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Vranco, IK office

Monster description:
The union of two individuals must surpass the shortcomings of a single one and make their abilities complementary. Through various experiments and surgeries it now boasts huge physical strength in its arm as well as powerful magic. The only drawback is that the two heads hate each other.

LUNGA TESTA - lvl 124
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: IK Office, IK Lab

Monster description:
This monster is the result of experiments aimed at developing the muscles of one's body, which sometimes gave unpredictable results. Lunga Testa's neck muscles have been enlarged tremendously at the expense of the neck's bones which have disappeared. Its head is only attached to its chest thanks to the thick muscles located in its neck.

TUG LEG - lvl 93
TUG LEGGER - lvl 132

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: IK laboratory, IK underground lab

Monster description:
Its lower body gave out but the Tug's long arms grant it a tremendous strength. It slowly drags itself toward its victims to cut them to shreds with its sharp fingernails.

ROI CADAVRU - lvl 148
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: IK laboratory basement

Monster description:
Abandoned parts and limbs of monsters have been sewn together to form this monster. It is brandishing a weapon made of huge chunks of meats, like its body, and is wandering constantly looking for new victims to add to its body.

POLEHPA - vampire master (to be updated)
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Mt Rodin

Monster description:
A vampire in charge of the distribution of the blood in the vampire society, without his permission vampires are not allowed to collect a large amount of blood, not even the Masters. Because he doesn't belong to any clan, he wasn't able to exert influence and is eager to expand his status to the one of Vampire Master. He has the Machiavellian ability to look dull and inoffensive but his power comes close to the one of the Vampire Masters.

TRASLA - lvl 185
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Junser Tunnel (2nd floor)

Monster description:
Many Trasla have toured battlefields and engaged in mercenary life. They never bothered making the distinction between humans and vampires on the battlefield. In combat, getting the advantages of the vampire strength to use on the battlefield was a natural choice to him.

PUSCA  - lvl 194
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Junser Tunnel (2nd floor)

Monster description:
They have been placed into the ranks of the vampire underclass in the vampire society, yet they do demonstrate some considerable power. Tired of being treated with contempt they have started using human weapons and have killed thousands of people, humans and vampires, ever since. They are surprising in the fact that they combine the strength of human technology with the agility specific to vampires, with that combination they look like invincible warriors.

CALD OMENESC - Quasi-Vampire Master (to be updated)
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Junser Tunnel (2nd floor)

Monster description:
He was a man committed to the development of new weapons to fight vampires. However, his studies and records got cancelled. However, a long time after his studies got scrapped, he reappeared and engaged in numerous destructive activities without distinction between friends and foes. As of now, he is independent though it remains undetermined if someone else is pulling the strings behind the scene. One thing is clear however, the development of new weapons has not been interrupted.

NOD COPILA - lvl 177
RAZOR  - lvl 165

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Hunting area: Junser Tunnel (1st floor)

Monster description:
They don't possess complete vampire blood in their body but a mix. They are hunters who move swiftly. They weren't saved by Karisas who was plunged into a deep sleep at the time, and as a consequence they are overwhelmed by their thirst for blood. They were born similar to Ousters and nourish hatred for them.

This update was the last update to give us an outside map with 4 areas and the only one to follow the pattern of one region under the dominion of a Vampire Master:
- Limbo controlled by Erzsebet Bathory
- Rodin controlled by Vlad Tepes
- Timore controlled by Gilles de Rais
- Vranco controlled by Ilse Koch

Due to Ilse Koch not having been implemented in the game, her status as one of the 12 Vampire Masters is pending...
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The Dark eden story. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Dark eden story.   The Dark eden story. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2014 6:37 am

Faith wrote:
(Also used for the introduction of quests)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Slayers were planning some secret large-scale human genetic modifications in order to win the war and reclaim the glorious Bibles of the past.
The mission that was supposed to guide humanity into heavens was code-named "Valkyrie Project".
For the purpose of preserving this mission secret, unknown members and commander in chief have been appointed.
Slayers recruited a certain number of secret agent applicants who underwent the harsh training and sacrifice the position entailed.
They received the title of secret agent and were in charge of quests and given the mission to penetrate the main strongholds of vampires and ousters.

In the end, their operation is the prologue of the "Lost Child" event and is going to initiate the big war.


The Slayers' secret agents subsequently managed to penetrate the Vampire Masters' camps.
The previous year, the plan put in motion by the Vampire leaders was the "Resurrection of Lilith" project. Each of the elders couldn't emphasize enough how important this project was and hence should be a priority before anything else.
However, instead of uniting them in their fight against the other races, it gradually weakened them by causing divisions among the Vampire Masters.
Charismatic and loyal warriors combining high intelligence and cruelty needed to be nurtured in order to bring forth the "Lilith Project".

As a final resort, the vampire leaders started to build up various vampires to be in the heart of the project...

All the quests done will bring these warriors closer to the glorious title of "Devil"
Rumors mentioning the fact that they would be at the heart of the battlefield only accelerated the number of applicants for the project.


For a long time, Ousters took a firm stand on raising their abilities unable to ignore the destruction and annihilation that affected their now blood-stained natural soil.

Even though war was perceived only as a last resort solution at first, Nature's anger was gradually filling their minds and they set up a plan.
United under one goal, the so-called "Middle-Earth Conquest", they were to destroy slayers and vampires to purify their land.

It was no longer an option for them. They also knew they would die were they to be under prepared.
The Ousters may have been the last forces of nature and they will do what it takes to fulfill their promise.

Due to take place after the "Lost Child" incident.

They are going to be immersed into a long war.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark eden story.   The Dark eden story. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2014 6:39 am

Faith wrote:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

First and foremost they are going to display the extent of their strength, then, make more victims to get stronger. In order to accomplish these two goals, Bathory and Tepes came to the conclusion that they could no longer stay secluded in their respective lairs. However, they were cautious enough not to do it directly in front of their enemies, as a consequence they chose the deserted Rodin Mountains as their new battlefield.
For the sake of this new plan, they started taking a number of measures. One of them was to have their line of vampire servants do the dirty work for them.

In order to strengthen their various vampire henchmen, Bathory and Tepes made them secretely spend time in an underground waterway whose stream had been contaminated beforehand. Whenever a vampire drank from it or came in contact with it, his blood got contaminated and his power dramatically increased.
The water from this underground waterway flowed directly from the Rodin Mountains, as a consequence, the vampires dwelling in those mountains were the most affected by it.
In addition to the complex topography of Rodin, this made the perfect environment for Tepes and Bathory to exit their lairs.

However, in the midst of this highly contaminated blood, Tepes and Bathory were surprised to realize they both thought about taking the exact same measures.
Aware of the other Vampire Master's presence and unwilling to be targeted and made a victim, both Masters only wanted at first to go back to the safety of their own lair.
Now facing new enemies with the advent of new vampire masters, those two veteran Masters are once again appearing on the ring of blood after many years of seclusion in their lairs, and, for the first time in a long time are going to break the calmness of Mt Rodin through the echo of battle and let blood rivers flow.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark eden story.   The Dark eden story. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2014 6:40 am


Over the Rodin Mountains and in underground waterways, the results of the exposure to contaminated water affecting vampire's blood were making strange situations occur with monsters becoming stronger.
Gilles de Rais quickly figured out from his Luster tower what Tepes and Bathory were scheming and thought carefully about the course of action to take as a response to that.  He discovered an abandoned area which seemed to have a long history of war due to the corpses present in large quantities.

A powerful energy was flowing from the multitude of rotting dead bodies piling up there, Gilles de Rais looked carefully around gauging its potential to harness energy, once satisfied he sent his faithful men in reconnaissance and to take prompt actions in order to place this area under his dominion.

A special breed of seeds with black thorns were soaked with the blood of Gilles de Rais and were planted in the soil of that area. The black thorns seeds had strong magical powers and, overnight, dark red trees grew to quickly cover the once visible sky. This place was dubbed and it was said that once someone would enter it, that person would never be able to come out.
However, those falling prey to this trap were rare. More sacrifices were needed to gain more power. To that extent, Gilles de Rais sought after the cooperation of powerful monsters.

Always starving for blood and battle, Darkeden's most powerful monsters came there and struck an agreement with Gilles de Rais ever willing to enjoy the pleasure of brutal killings while receiving a taste of the power of this place.  

Gilles de Rais then built four towers from the wood of the black thorns trees which had already drained lots of blood. This place aroused the curiosity of many reckless adventurers who flocked inside perceiving Hell Garden as some kind of Monsters theme park.

Towering high up in the sky, from the top of a gloomy tower, Gilles de Rais with his commanding presence called it a challenge for the daring and that monsters would now be hunting them.
All the adventurers gathered there accepted the challenge of Hell Garden which immediately began.
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The Dark eden story. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Dark eden story.   The Dark eden story. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2014 6:43 am

[quote="Faith"][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Eslania, replaces the last map which was the ground of countless confrontations with vampires in the last few years.

Chosen among human beings to defend mankind against vampires, the Slayers' agonizing fight was deepening. Suffering from the images of their colleagues getting bloodsucked by vampires, slayers had hoped for a cessation of hostilities and were longing for peace but as it turned out E.V.E's leadership didn't listen to that desire and initiated new measures instead.

Eslanian City underwent a reorganization with new block units being established providing military troops with the required supplies but also the development of new secret activities were officially announced.
Mistrust was at its height with rumors spreading in the slayer camp about their leadership actually conspiring with the vampire side. These new activities shrouded in mystery, casted doubts in the mind of the troops who didn't see any quick results.

The "New Headquarters of Steel" of Eslania were unveiled by the leadership of E.V.E which contained state-of-the-art facilities as well as a secret laboratory named Fortuna.
What experiments were conducted inside the Fortuna Institute remained secret but the leadership of slayers assured them that it would lead them to the final victory. Every slayer rejoiced.

Nonetheless, the prelude to a war no one would be able to avoid was hidden inside the secret laboratory.


While hastily trying to put an end to the war and to put forth their own vision of a perfect world, the clan masters grew more and more distrustful toward one another.
All the more when the various vampire clans ruled out any measure involving cooperation between them as every Master had their own personal idea on how things should be done and all preferred death to the dishonor of cooperating with one another. Even the Illuminators suggested it was best to leave the Masters out of this matter.
Due to such divisions among vampires, they failed to notice the suspicious movements of slayers that went on.

Collecting heads had always been a longtime habit of Slayers, however, recently found vampire corpses showed that their heads had been severed in a more elaborate way than ever before.
Since the advent of the Slayers' special forces on the battlefield, heads used to be separated randomly from the bodies, often messy with sometimes bunches of hair found nearby; but in these recent cases the process was intricate. It then became obvious that their goal was not to battle but to collect supplies and samples.
This was not the only calamity as the number of disappearing vampires kept increasing.

The various clans could not tolerate such disappearances and conducted their own search. They soon discovered a mysterious institute had been built at the Slayers' camp.
In the so-called "New Headquarters of Steel" of Eslania, only a few of the higher ups of E.V.E were granted access to the secret laboratory. Yet, the most intrepid vampires managed to infiltrate the Fortuna Institute.

What they witnessed inside made even the most hardened vampire's heart shed tears of blood.
The noble clans always placed their kind before any quarrel. In front of this spectacle that was more brutal and disgusting than anything a monster could have done, they all chose to put their differences that could have caused a civil war aside. They were now intent on implementing measures against Slayers that would lead to a total war.


As days went by, the condition of Karisas the preserver of life grew worse and the survival of the whole Ouster race was in jeopardy. A major decision was needed to be taken in order to reverse the lonely fate and confinement of the Ousters in their sanctuary. By taking the gamble of venturing outside looking for a strong power that could decide the future of their race, Ousters made a terrible discovery that shook the whole race.

A strange Slayer corps had recently been spotted exiting the sanctuary surrounding the Ousters' village. Since this mysterious incident occurred, several young ousters freshly waking up from their eggs had been reported missing.
The half-vampires called Ousters felt insulted by this particular plot and quickly started to feel bitterness toward those Slayers special forces.

That situation could no longer be ignored and quickly large groups of volunteers started conducting search to retrieve their missing kin. They arrived at the conclusion that those disappearances were the product of an organized kidnapping.

Once they were back at their camp, the Ousters decided to direct their search toward the new facilities that had been erected in Eslanian City. They managed to infiltrate the secret laboratory of the Fortuna Institute in which they witnessed a cruel and unforgettable spectacle that they could have never dreamt of.

Normally prone to harmony and peace, Ousters felt an urge to exact revenge for their captured colleagues and, with a determination for total war, marched toward the Slayers' camp.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Above was the official description of the events that happened, the game provides players with extra information should they gather enough Lost Ordnance (Slayers), Vampiric Core (Vampires) and Lost Remains (Ousters). Since the majority of players is unlikely to have gone through the troubles of collecting 1,000 of those to get the most interesting info regarding the Conspiracy that is going on in Darkeden, here are all the texts you receive when trading in those items:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Jacques: "What on Earth is there in the fully locked new-headquarter?"

Jacques: "How can people called soldiers be robbed of their supplies by some damn monsters! It is nonsense, nonsense."

Jacques: "They made a mess on their own and now let us clean their mess. The supply is for what and for whom? I am so angry!"

Jacques: "Can you help me? The distributor company of upper level troops is causing troubles."

Jacques: "You know that upper level troops reinforced the support to Eslania area recently. They fortified the Eslanian city to increase the supply and it's making a mess. The problem is the soldiers from the distribution company do not know this area well so they are abused by monsters and vampires every time. There are so much assault and the supply losses are significant. Will you take the supplies back from them? It is not an order but the supplies are essential for army forces. If you help me, that will be a great help. Surely, it is not for free. Those are valuable supplies so the reward will be matched."

Jacques: "Oh, you brought the lost ordnance back? How many did you get? If you get more, the reward will be better."

Jacques: "… You took the lost ordnance back. A military staff does not have a right to give orders so I was not expecting much. I wanted you to help me. Thank you for doing this. As you can see, everyone is so busy fortifying the city prior to the real war with vampires. The guys in distribution company are so busy with their own work. They don't care about ours. I don't know the supply or resource is for whom.
Thank you. It will be useful for me."

Jacques: "Are you kidding me? How this small amount supply can help our troops? Please bring more than a certain amount."

Jacques: "You worked hard although it was not your obligation. I feel miserable having to clean up my supervisor's mess because I work as a supply distributor but seeing a diligent person like you makes me feel good. Anyway, have you ever been to the new headquarter building? I don't know what they are making there because they block the whole building like a fortress. I am one of the top commanders, even though I don't participate in the war. Can you understand their mistreatment on me? It is said that even the troop commander lieutenant colonel cannot get in. I am not sure what they are doing with this nonsense. I am in the same E.V.E. but... Sorry to talk useless things too long. I was upset. Anyway, here is the reward for your work."

Jacques: " You must have had a hard time collecting this much. Well done. It will be a big help to the troop. By the way, did you face the Ousters while you were collecting? Recently, they have been working hard on something. They don't start a fight but they are searching for something. What are they - those hiding rats - searching? Anyway, those rats cannot do big things. Take this. There is no free work in the world. It is my thanks to you."

Jacques: " How were you able to take this many back? You look like a very capable person. An excellent person like you is fighting against vampires and what are our leaders doing? What I heard before is that there is a strange operation around here by an order of our leaders. A special force for capturing some vampires alive operates something against high level vampire troops and half vampires. What do they want to do with them after capture? I am so desperate to talk too much. Never mind. Take this for your reward."

Jacques: "Oh, I am surprised too. You are a real big help to us. If you get this much, the distributor company must spill too much. They must lose more than they deliver. How could they be so proud of themselves while they act this way. It is disgusting. I heard that there is a 'human rescue association', which is made by E.V.E. leaders, that makes me sick. You look like you're hearing this for the first time. That is understandable. They are trying hard to zip people's mouth for only some renegades to know this. I heard that the human rescue association controls all the moves of E.V.E. Somebody even says that the tension with vampires are also made by them intentionally.
I wonder what they are planning with the enemy while the soldiers are dying out. The enemy does not look like masters locating in Eslania. Then, it means that there is a third party. What is this? Then, do you hear about the Tempest Nine? It is the first class secret of the leaders. It just sounds bad. Stress makes me talkative. Anyway, take this. I saved it to give it to an especially helpful soldier. I will give it to you."


Kain: "I'm not an E.V.E. member. Just a contracted research member."
Kain: "When you gather information, you will understand that the world is full of conspiracy."
Kain: "Most of the big organizations are more or less connected with vampires."

Tanya: "I happened to hack a CIA computer, and read some secret documents. That was terrible. CIA agents were related with vampires. Some agents were helping vampires in the days, because vampires can't act freely at daytime. So many phone call records, bank accounts and documents. It was a thrill to trace those documents. But they tracked me and found me. It was mistake. The government suggested a deal, threatening me with my past of drug using. Their condition was to join E.V.E. I had no choice but accept the deal."

Frederic: "Did you hear about the legal companies being run by vampires? Oh gosh."

Matthew: "When I fly with a helicopter, I can see people with various army uniforms."
Matthew: "The troops that recently appeared in this region are suspicious. They don't seem to fight against vampires."


Seth: "Illuminators have to know themselves well if they want to be strong."

Seth: "What do you think is the source of power that makes vampires live like vampires?"

Seth: "You must have heard that slayers have been acting strange recently? Those stupid humans have proven that they can be a threat to even us, vampires. However, masters don't have any plan which gives me a headache. It is better than the worst since several vampires leaders have started to make some counter plans. Anyway, have you ever heard of vampiric core? It is an interesting story that it is the source of power to make vampires live like vampires. Illuminators claim that they need to know us to win over slayers so they hope to be continuously supplied with vampiric core. It seems like they need my help. Definitely, you don't need to sacrifice our brothers to get cores. Since the low quality Embryos, who never evolved to be vampires, have those so you can get cores from them. I will not forget it, if you bring some. Do you have any core, by any chance?"

Seth: "Did you collect vampiric cores? More will increase your profit so do your best on it."

Seth: "It is surprising how actively you participate. According to illuminators, these cores are made from infection factor delivering to host during blood sucking. It diffuses from the heart to every inch of the human body. If the core is made perfectly, it will be a vampire. If not, it will become a low level monster so called an embryo such as a zombie or a ghoul. Well, still I have a lot to learn but this fact indicates that we vampires are chosen by a God. This is the reward of your work. Take it."

Seth: "Did you collect cores? I did not think you were actually going to collect them. Even you must feel the importance of the situation. I cannot understand what the masters are doing - even just an average vampire like you work for our race like this. There are rumors that slayers and half vampires are both preparing something big and our masters just want to cover themselves. I wonder if we chose wrong owners. Oops, I say something useless.. If you deliver my words, I will jump on your neck even though you are from my race. Zip your mouth. Here is your reward. Take it and forget all unnecessary things."

Seth: "How did you collect this much! The guys in the Dark Magic Institute will be dead excited. However, I heard something that is upsetting me. Do you know why slayers are crazy to hunt vampires? You must not know. Even slayers don't know why and just do it because they are told to do so. Funnily, they hunt down due to the same reason as us. They are collecting our noble bodies to find the secret of eternal life. They chopped our brother's body. I cannot exact revenge enough although I suck up the last drop of their blood. Ugh, it makes me so angry. Take what you deserve."

Seth: "Recently there has been many strangers around. The manager of the Dark Magic institute, where many illuminators belong, is one of them. The guys in the institute are aware of it but they don't care. Anyway, they don't respect the Masters and they must not care about who they are as long as they are vampires. Everything is so suspicious nowadays. Have you ever heard of 'Nine Kingdom'? Nine masters excluding the three masters in Eslania have led 'Nine Kingdom' and acted together for a long time. Probably the strangers are members of that group. It must mean that other vampires are interested in Eslania, too. Anyway, take your reward."

Seth: "Ah, I feel like I've heard something big. The manager, what the heck does he think of? Hmm? I carelessly said something useless. Well.. No.. You deserve hearing it. Did I tell you about the Nine Kingdom? That group looks very scary much more than I thought. I heard it from the manager. He said that the group already controls most of the upper class of human society. The leaders of each country and World Union Association is a member of the 'Nine Kingdom'. Moreover, E.V.E., where slayers belong, also was organized under the permit of it. Can you believe it? Why on earth did the manager tell me this? He also slipped the word Tempest Nine. What the heck is this? I don't know but it does not sound good, don't you agree? Anyway, you are something. How could you collect this much of cores? If you are this powerful, you must need something matching to it. Take this. It will help you much.
Hmm.. I don't think I can say it freely."


Capatini: "Called illuminators? Some strange name people storm around."
Capatini: "Look how cocky they are with their meager powers... Why won't Bathory punish them all?"

Karcon: "There's been a lot of talk lately, but I'm not interested in any of that stuff. I'm only here to serve Bathory."


Lipatti: "You, can you help me? It is an important matter deciding the fate of Ousters.

Lipatti: "we should wipe out humans and vampires from this land as soon as possible. I am so worried that the power of Lady Karisas decreases."

Lipatti: "Is it true that a strong power deciding the future of race exists?"

Lipatti: "Strong and brave soul! If you help me, it will be a great help. As you know, the goal of Lady Karisas and ours is to take vampires and humans out of this beautiful land. However, we cannot pursue our strong will because our leader Karisas does not have much life left. It might be unavoidable to complain that elders don't want to put their nose on it as if it was not their business, while they should focus on our ultimate goal. Lady Karisas felt the same way and gave me a secret order to me during her illness.
"Forgotten place, forgotten land, find ruins. Near this land, there is a strong power to stand against humans and vampires."
If it is true, we all need to work on it together. I bet that you will help us as a sister of Ousters. I heard that there is a monster who has a lead to the ruins. Do you have any object related to these ruins?"

Lipatti: "Ah, this is the ancient remains where forgotten history lies. It will definitely help to find the ruins which Lady Karisas mentioned."

Lipatti: "I think it will help to a certain degree. I always appreciate sisters helping the development of our race. However, I feel sorry that our Ousters do not get improved too much even with your help. Humans and vampires have built their power continuously but we are stagged. However, there must be something Lady Karisas is thinking of. We need to believe in her. This is a reward for your effort. If you bring some more leads, we will pay you back some more."

Lipatti: "I don't think it will help much. Please put some more effort and drop by again."

Lipatti: "You've found a lead. It feels good to see your effort for the race. However, why Lady Karisas is so interested in ruins which may not exist? Although Lady Karisas has confidence in it, other sisters have much doubt. Even though the ruins actually exist, what in it can give us power to remove vampires and humans. Ah.. How dare I say this. I don't feel easy because I feel like I feel uneasy to lady Karisas due to my unpleasant feeling to elders. Anyway, I will pay the reward about your big help."

Lipatti: "It is surprising how much leads you've found! It will definitely help us finding the ruins.
Did you hear the old story of Karisas? She is the descendant of 7 apostles who fought against vampires and she has led Ousters with amazing power. I don't know much about Karisas but the more I know the more surprising it is. She rescued Ousters only with descending two apostles' power. If she can get the power in the ruins, wicked vampires and humans couldn't compete with her. Moreover, we Ousters will have new way out following her. Ah, it makes me excited just with thinking about it."

Lipatti: "Wow, you brought much of the precious leads. I can feel your warm heart caring for the future of our race. It soothes me because I heard that there are people haven't returned from their search to the ruins. Why is it taking so long for our sisters? Where we lost their trace, never seen before people often appeared in that area. I have a bad feeling that they are related. I hope nothing bad happens... Sorry to say useless things. Here is the reward of effort."

Lipatti: "Wow, this much. I am so impressed with your superior capability. Owing to the brave sisters like you, we are getting to know more about the ruins. The missing people last time - I hoped nothing bad happened to them - humans did it as I expected. Strangely, a new group appeared and they captured vampires and Ousters sisters alive. Our missing sisters were captured by them. However, unbelievably, they capture us to do an experiment on our body and that is why they kidnap our sisters. Oh, my god. I feel terrible to think about my sisters being tortured with living body experiments. I think that rescuing my sisters should go first over finding ruins. I hope you help us on that. And take this. Anyway it will help you big time in the future.
Have you ever heard of Tempest Nine? I cannot know where my sisters are and rather hear these strange word. I cannot help thinking something bad happened."
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[size=150]CALD OMENESC SCENARIO[/size]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Junser Tunnel Boss - Cald Omenesc

Cald Omenesc was originally committed to the development of new weaponry against vampires. However, after discovering the nature of his experiments, his research got cancelled and he disappeared before E.V.E could get their hands on him.
But after some time, an entrance to the 3rd floor of Junser Tunnel was discovered and someone fitting his description had been spotted there albeit with extreme body transformations.
Since his disappearance he began destructive activities without any distinction, killing vampires and humans alike.
It has not been confirmed however if someone is behind all this, but one thing is sure, the development of weapons has not been stopped.

"It has not been confirmed however if someone is behind all this..." Nine Kingdom anyone? Very Happy

[quote="Faith"][size=150]MENEGROTH SCENARIO:[/size]

Amid heightened tensions of the battlefield and the fierce war that was happening, the leaders of each race felt the need for the power of a new generation of warriors.
This led the leaders of each race to find a new training place for this new generation.
By chance, they discovered the perfect places located in the basement of the closed factories of Drobeta Corporation where this new generation could train without the interference of the other races.
However, the training there can only happen for a certain amount of time and monsters with various power exist there.

[size=150]MIKKLIZZ - RAOHM 5 SCENARIO:[/size]

Mikklizz was the lord of the area of Raohm, he practiced hunting like most ordinary lords did.
He enjoyed moderately hunting at first but after watching from afar wild beasts bleeding to death, he felt his blood boiling and was feeling the rush.
After regularly shedding the blood of death and taking a liking to it, he entered into a frantic frenzy and spent a vast fortune building in the basement of his mansion a huge underground maze. He enjoyed luring innocent people and passing adventurers into the maze only to be killed by that monster.

Finally, some people managed to capture him and sealed him in a hidden room of that "Raohm dungeon" after binding him and cursing him for all the innocent people he had killed.
For a long time Mikklizz remained bound and trapped, but the recent frequent battles occurring inside Raohm's dungeon finally woke him up.

While there are still remains of innocent people in the Raohm basement, most people had forgotten about the existence of the hidden room and no sign of life ever came from it.

Having been woken up, he is likely to release himself from his straps having become a true demon and once he does he would become a considerable threat to vampires, slayers and ousters alike. Only the most valiant warriors should dare blasting through the door of that Raohm dungeon's room and prevent his resurrection.

[size=150]ONIBLA - EISEN 4 SCENARIO:[/size]

Coming from a reknown House, Onibla was a midget with a frail body who always had an inferiority complex.

He was the only one to look so shabby in his entire family full of self-denying warriors with robust physiques that it led him to question God. As days went by he became neurotic and more and more violent, sometimes staring at people's face intently before erupting in fury.

Increasingly, the people around him started to leave and discussed a possible vote regarding his position as a Lord due to that new personality of his. During this moment of crisis, Onibla felt a quake in the middle of the night and heard voices coming from the depths of his castle.

"Do you want to become stronger? Does your reflection disgust you?"
Onibla nodded, and the voices asked once again:
"Are you certain you want to be strong? Do you want to have an imposing body?"
Onibla replied it was his dearest wish, and the voices asked once again:
"Would you be willing to lose everything for it?"
Onibla gulped down, then nodded as his definitive answer.

At this moment, Onibla started to enormously swell, enough to fill all the rooms of the castle. The inhabitants of the castle were all surprised by this and fled.

And with that came the end of his Family name and House, but the voices remained in Onibla's huge body, located deep inside Eisen Dungeon ever since, and luring in those longing for adventure only to be swallowed by the monster in the end.
Onibla got what he desired with this colossal stature of his but in return forever lost his soul.

There is no consciousness left in his body, but only the shapeless voices from Eisen Dungeon.

Those voices keep attracting people from the various races deep inside the dungeon to serve as sacrifices. Vampires, slayers and ousters alike are all sending their strongest warriors to slay this monster.
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[quote="Faith"][size=150]TIFFAUGES CASTLE SCENARIO[/size]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Due to the death of Joan of Arc, Gilles de Rais generated so much hatred from the humans that he had to seclude himself inside his Tiffauges castle. Being an alchemist, De Rais used black magic to summon Gusion inside his castle to have him become his mentor to teach him excellent combat skills and magical abilities. Gilles de Rais who had an adversarial relationship with the other Vampire Masters, was now given the power of ice and curse spells through this association with Gusion.
Because he liked things to be clean, he soon surrounded his residence with ice and snow.

(Note: It is unclear in the before last korean sentence whether he bargained his soul with Gusion in exchange of these powers or not).

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


The Timore area used to be famous for its clear water and outstanding scenery. This all changed when Gilles de Rais froze the entire area when he left his Tiffauges Castle to set up his lair in the maze of Luster Tower. That tower serves as a vantage point from which he can observe the movements of the other Vampire Masters.
Having a profound respect for and faith in Gusion, Gilles de Rais ceded the rights of Tiffauges Castle to him. Due to his mastery of black magic and demonic nature, Gusion is a transcendent being that can travel through time and space.
In order to protect Tiffauges Castle, Gusion covered it with ice and placed it under a curse that forever makes it hang between present and past. Through his black magic, Gusion commands legions of powerful spirits bent on protecting him.
It is possible to go to the past for a certain period of time.

Extra notes:
- This whole plot is reminiscent of the real legends around Gilles de Rais, except the demon he summoned was Baron and not Gusion.
- Inside Gilles de Rais' lair, he does mention Joan of Arc (French spelling: Jeanne d'Arc) though the original English translator probably didn't get the reference and kept it phonetically as Jendaluke ("R" and "L" are pronounced the same like in Japanese, and likewise, for foreign words they tend to put some vowels between the consonant clusters. With that in mind this gives "Jendark" Arrow "Jeanne d'Arc" Arrow "Joan of Arc").
- Still in his lair, GDR does hint that he killed her after she came to him asking to join her in saving their nation (France from British circa 1430).
- In real life, GDR and Joan of Arc did fight together in the Hundred Years' war against the British and GDR had nothing to do with her death by burning.
- There's hints in his text that she might have actually been a Slayer (unrelated to the non existent EVE at the time) as he emphasizes what a great power she had. Joan of Arc is usually seen and revered as a Saint in France.
- Tiffauges was the real-life castle of Gilles de Rais: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- Gusion is an existing demon and all the Tiffauges mobs (except Valkyrja and Krnsk) as well. They're actually Goetic demons that have appeared in the Lesser Key of Solomon: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- The name "Morgoth" comes from the Lord of the Rings: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- Morgoth's story is unknown, though I believe Gusion and Morgoth is one and the same with Gusion hiding his identity under the guise of a Grim Reaperish Morgoth.
- This is the existing seal to summon Gusion:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Note: There are two official spellings for the map (still with the interchangeable "R" and "L" sound in Korean), both of which actually appear together on the same page of the update. The first one is Ruper island, it is mentioned in brackets next to the Korean word in the Korean scenario text. The second one is Luper Island which is written as such on the pic of the map (below) that is found right under said scenario. I chose the spelling Luper since in Latin "Lupus" means "wolf" and as such seems more relevant when dealing with Lycans.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


The distribution of inside the body and brain is what gives vampires and ousters superior abilities. The leadership of slayers (i.e. EVE) kidnapped indiscriminately young ousters and relatively weak vampires and conducted biological experiments on them in order to determine the body composition of vampires and ousters and extract their essence.
After the so-called "Lost Child" laboratory incident, the project was hijacked and faced resistance. Furious at the cruelty of these experiments, vampires and ousters formed the "Lilith Coalition" (alliance) and launched a deadly attack on slayers with dramatic success that made them face a crisis.

In front of this predicament the leadership of Slayers disappeared for some time; they discovered the land of the Lycans and with the Vampiric Cores they had collected thus far, managed to resurrect them, more powerful than ever. Lycans had human intelligence and personalities but looked so different that they had been rejected by humans. They only dreamt for a peaceful world but human beings who discovered their land destroyed them with their overbearing force fearing they could constitute a threat.

Their desire is to get along peacefully, without being persecuted in their Kingdom . They offered a partnership to the endangered slayers if they were willing to help them rebuild their Kingdom . E.V.E had no choice but to accept this request to face the "Lilith Coalition".
The Lycans wreaked havoc on the "Lilith Coalition" with them retreating shamefully as they did not think such a powerful enemy could appear.

The first Lycan resurrected was called "Jeremiah" and he soon felt like he was hearing the voices of his ancestors. Chief Jeremiah listened to the voices that gave him strength and told him to practice ancestral rites and to worship a certain God; then a revelation came to him to find the that was mentioned in some legends.
That revelation made him travel all the way to the mountains of North Rodin hearing the call from the Rock of Sacrifice that made him feel the Lycan Kingdom could be recreated there. A mysterious portal appeared in the middle of a lake next to a newly erected memorial, the Rock of Sacrifice. Following his instinct and his revelation, Jeremiah entered it.

Depending on the path the Lycans will follow, the movements of E.V.E and those of the "Lilith Coalition", no one is able to tell what is going to happen next...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Arriving on Luper Island to get to know it, Slayers, Vampires and Ousters discovered there were no Lycans other than the tribe of Sius and soon discovered an ancient statue of unknown age.

In the past, the ancient stone statues were associated with the civilization of the tribe of Zentis.
The three species swept all Luper island in search of a key made of stone that could open the ancient stone statue, with the intent to find Zentis and use his power to influence the well-being and unity of the other races.

What secret does that key hold?...

In the past, before their slaughter, the collective community of Lycans were made of several tribes.

Sius led the most aggressive and strongest warriors while the tribe led by Zentis was geared toward tradition and culture.

This main axis is what initially led to a huge Lycan slaughter among both tribes.

Not long after, the tribe led by Sius wanted to form an alliance with the senior hierarchy of E.V.E which managed to obtain intelligence about the strong opposition coming from the Zentis' tribe.

Eventually the two tribes faced in battle, the overwhelming strength of Sius annihilated Zentis' tribe which disappeared without leaving a trace. Zentis being presumed dead, Sius was free to occupy Luper Island.

However, a rumor started to spread among Lycans that Zentis didn't get killed and managed to escape somewhere.

Full of bitterness, Zentis pledged himself to a bloody revenge...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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[quote="Faith"][size=150]DRACULA CASTLE SCENARIO[/size]


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


In the past, Tepes respected and loved his father so much that he took great pride in being referred to as "Son of the Devil" (Note = "Dracula").

However, when his father, Count Vlad Dracula (Vlad II Dracul), who Tepes almost perceived as a God died tragically young in battle, Tepes was filled with grief more than anyone else. From that moment on, he became obsessed with the idea of becoming stronger.
His intense obsession for blood and cruelty eventually led Tepes to follow the Vampire Master's path to be imbued with the taboo power of vampires.

Soon after arriving in Eslania, Tepes killed the owners of Rasen Castle as well as its inhabitants and established himself there. Among the victims were the descendants of the ancient alchemist Marcus who bequeathed to them some sort of metal beads that had accumulated tremendous power over the years.

With the power Tepes had accumulated for centuries, he succeeded in extracting a mysterious substance called "Elixir" from the beads. That "Elixir" he was able to produce was also known as the Philosopher's Stone.
The Philosopher's Stone is said to have the power to turn any desire into a reality such as being able to go out under the sun unharmed.  

With his miraculous "Elixir" ore, Tepes brought back to life his most respected and loved father. The legend of the past, Vlad Dracula was revived.

Lately among vampires several gossips could be heard...

"'The Devil' wakes up in the middle of the night and starts hunting".
"He goes after the blood of the weak and the helpless."
"He has sharp fangs and pale skin and is clad in what looks like a woman's red skirt."

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

This update is often the source of confusion regarding Vlad II Dracul, and even the developers themselves seem to have been confused.

- "Tepes" is not the family name of Vlad III, "Țepeș" is his romanian nickname which translates to "The Impaler". Vlad III Dracula (Vlad Tepes) is the Count Dracula of legends, not his father, Vlad II Dracul. "Țepeș" is actually pronounced as "Tepedj" or something close to that which is why in the game it is written as Tepez because Koreans write the sound "dj" in occidental letters with either "G" (or "J") or "Z" or even "X" (which is also why for the "djentis" pronounciation you get the "Zentis" and "Gentis" spellings).

- As I added in parenthesis in the text, "Dracula" means "Son of Dracul" with "Dracul" meaning either "Devil" or "Dragon" in Romanian. Due to the thematic of Darkeden I went for the first one, but the reality tends to be the second one as Vlad II Dracul was a member of the Order of the Dragon (interesting note: the Dragon Shield that can be dropped by slayers is said to belong to Vlad Tepes' family). Vlad II ("Dracul") thus can't be "Dracula" himself.

- From this text, it seems Vlad II Dracul died as a human during battle, like in real life, and since he only got resurrected by his son recently, he can be excluded from the 12 Vampire Masters count.

- It is unclear how Vlad II became a vampire. Probably the power of the Elixir turned him into one.

- "Mihnea", the thingie you carry to open Dracula Castle 2F is the name of Vlad Tepes' son: Mihnea cel Rău.

- Trivia: inside Dracula's Castle can be found paintings of an old Darkeden start screen as well as the poster/artwork of Vlad II Dracul posted above. The overall look of the Castle is heavily inspired by the real one located in Transylvania (Bran Castle).

- It seems Tepes only got the beads of his necklace after arriving in Eslania, he probably had the pendant before though, when he became one of the 12.

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[quote="Faith"]Just like for Onibla who was at first conceived as Polehpa by the time of the Vranco update with his own background to later be changed into the Onibla we have in game, Carmilla wasn't meant to be Carmilla at first but a boss called Black Widow (which probably explains her spider-like character design).

Interestingly, the vampire artwork which is now used as a generic "female vampire" was originally called Selena Le Boursier. Probably meant to be a boss as well. It seems only Vlad II Dracul was left unmodified.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Nonetheless, she also bore ressemblance to some depictions of the Carmilla character
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

And after some changes became:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

While the three races were busy looking for the Blood Bibles, Mistress Carmilla, a direct descendant of Lilith, managed to produce her own Philosopher's Stone from the Blood Bible in her possession. She tested it on her troops making them undergo mutations committed to the extermination of Ousters while efforts from the vampire clans were being made to pierce its secret.

Eventually, she melted the Philosopher's Stone through a sieve and obtained the Crystal Ball of Lilith once it solidified. The goal of Carmilla's entire life to become more powerful than ever was a resounding success, it would happen through mutation.
However, the Lilith Crystal Ball was in an unstable state causing harmful and odd mutations whose symptoms varied greatly between subjects though all of them shared the same common obedience to follow Carmilla's commands.

The source of power of the Crystal Ball of Lilith required the blood of living persons to remain stable. It was not the one of adults that was needed however but the one of young girls. During their sleep, teenage girls and little girls were thus kidnapped with the intent to make them her own before slaughtering them.

Aware that her power would attract the greed of the secret organizations of each race, Carmilla built her defense around a labyrinth, the Carmilla Labyrinth, which only leads to a bloody massacre in which no one shall emerge victorious nor escape.

In spite of this, you still want to use the power of Carmilla...
Know that she deliberately spilled some of the power of the Lilith Crystal Ball inside the Labyrinth so that you could get a taste of its power firsthand but also to degrade those that will succumb inside the labyrinth as such weaklings should not be worthy to covet such power.

The Lilith Crystal Ball can only be obtained in party...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


- In Asian countries, the name Carmilla and Camilla seem to be used interchangeably. These names often appear in works featuring vampires.
- "Carmilla" is one of the first vampires appearing in literature, she predates Bram Stocker's "Dracula". She is also the originator of the lesbian vampire archetype.
- "Carmilla" was written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and the novel can be read over there: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- Carmilla is one of the 12 Vampire Masters as mentioned through the fact that she is a direct descendant of Lilith and that she has one of the 12 Bibles in her possession, like each Master.
- Similar to the other Vampire Masters and their respective lair, there are references to the fictive character of Carmilla in her lair (and text above). Indeed, in the novel she only preyed upon teenage girls. In the final room of her lair can be found the bodies of little girls in various spots.
- It is very likely that the "Tragic Gardener" and "Cruel Rat" mobs were regular gardeners and rats from her estate on which she used the philosopher's stone that made them undergo monstruous mutations as well as giving them their power. "Outrage Specimen" are probably test subjects she captured to experiment on due to their shackles that can be seen in game. The order of her experiments must have been rats, then her gardeners then test subjects, then herself.
- This is the second time the Philosopher's Stone is mentioned, last one was in the Dracula Castle update.

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[size=150]ULAIRI SCENARIO[/size]

- Blood Bible prophecies and Lilith:
"The three species ought to abstain themselves from ever touching that intoxicating power."

- The decaying Ulairi:
In the past, Lilith's name got erased from the records of dead people.
But even after its death, this creature came back from the netherworld for Lilith, falling apart, to stand in front of the doors of the catacombs that had been built for her... The sacred soul of Lilith cometh...

- Upheaval:
Even those who were abandoned by God during their lives can become immortal beings, as shown by the zombie dragon... Ulairi...
This gigantic monstrosity has made its appearance in Mt Rodin
and since then, huge diastrophisms happening all over Eslania have been noticed.

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Faith wrote:

An unknown strong power got detected near Lake Timore. The leadership of each race dispatched several teams to go inquire into this mysterious source of power. However, during the course of the investigation, several members went either missing or were found dead. After many losses, a portal infused with powerful magic was eventually revealed.

The portal was connected to a place called Lacoste Castle the owner of which was a rising Vampire Master going by the name of Marquis de Sade. Unaware of this fact, the commanders of each species ventured through the dimensional portal and came face to face with him. The Marquis de Sade's raw power was unquantifiable as he was merely containing himself.
Each race's leaders winced as the Marquis de Sade drew nearer relishing the violent slaughter that was going to take place as he gradually gained in strength. All three races, including Sade's very own, were the targets of this carnage. After crushing them, he imposed his cruel dogma on them, staging fights between them for days and nights until exhaustion as he was feasting at a banquet table. Once all their strength had been gone, all three races' leaders started to fear what would become of their camps as there could not have been a greater loss. Unable to tolerate this tyranny any longer, in spite of their exhaustion, an unprecedented event happened as the leaders of each side joined forces to escape through the portal having solved the mystery that was behind it and the Vampire Master Marquis de Sade.


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Coming from the French aristocracy, he recommends a life full of wine and debauchery as detailed in his works. His notes attracted the attention of four powerful Vampire Masters who made him join their group. He was once a human being whose works advocating the enjoyment of cruelty had him imprisoned for 13 years.


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As all the three races were busy fighting one another, Nosferatu, a mind control master is intending on reigning over all beings. To achieve this, he acts behind the scene manipulating Sade into collecting lots of blood in order to fuel the "Stone of Spell" to cast a global mind controlling spell.


- The word "sadism" was named after the Marquis de Sade.
- For quite a long time, his works were censored to the point of being kept in a restricted place in French libraries called in French "l'Enfer" (= "Hell").
- Some of his works, such as The 120 days of Sodom, managed to accomplish the feat of featuring the whole range of porn that can be found on today's internet, all the way to the most extreme ones including mutilation and murder (those parts are probably the ones that attracted the attention of the 4 Vampire Masters), and it was the 18th century at the time.
- Sade is often affiliated with BDSM.
- Most of Sade's works condemned Virtue and were always irreverent toward God and religion.
- Lacoste Castle was the real home of the Marquis de Sade: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- The map of Lacoste Castle is the one that is called "Ancient Lair" in other servers and which also used for the tutorial in official ones.
- Due to evocation of 4 Vampire Masters making Sade join their group, we can be sure this means Sade is one of the 12.
- Nosferatu seems to be clearly part of Nine Kingdom by his look and scheme. With that extra info, we can imagine the motives of Nine Kingdom are the following: for humans joining it they want to be given eternal life while remaining human, and vampires masters ruling Nine Kingdom might want total world domination.
- Sade continues the tradition of the 12 Vampire Masters each known for their extraordinary cruelty.


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In the Middle Ages of Europe, the Ruhenheim Monastery assumed the role of the first ever spiritual center among all the various sacred places including Eslania.

It started acquiring this status in the 1300s when the European continent got affected by the Black Death. The Monastery led the way in offering relief to numerous poor people which further enhanced its reputation becoming a place of pilgrimage due to the respect and popularity it earned. The line of Abbots were actually powerless to save someone's son and could only rehabilitate the fools through atonement and peace.

Lately however, Chief Abbot Franz Bonaparta (Franz) has been struggling.
Mundane variations appeared in vampires who showed up to the Monastery and asked the Abbot's cronies to save them as well.

These young vampires were in reality trying to gain information about E.V.E's leaders and the clergy. Eventually, they managed to find information about a top secret guild.
They obtained these answers via sheer strength while sneering at everything that was sacred.

Disheartened, Franz shut himself up in his underground study and turned to his library. Browsing old books he started reading the history of the monastery from the beginning.
The Abbot looked at the pictures of his forefathers gracing the pages of the books and was impressed with the holiness emanating from them as he was almost reaching the final chapters.

An old parchment slipped and fell at his feet. It was the main concern of the moment. From a crack above the wall, the dim moonlight shed its light where the parchment laid.

"SOLLEN SIE VON DARK TRANQUILITY GESPEICHERT WERDEN." ("You shall be saved by the Dark Tranquility")

As he read those words aloud, the parchment burst into flames and turned to ashes.
Bewildered, Franz didn't notice a dark figure stepping out of the shadows behind his back.

- The dark figure stepping out of the shadows is most likely the woman featured above who is the boss of Ruhenheim Monastery. Her name is Hildegard.
- Hildegard's status is unknown. I doubt she is part of the 12 Vampire Masters as they are all based on existing or famous persons while Hildegard is not. Maybe she is part of Nine Kingdom but that's not sure either. She does look like a vampire though. She uses her legs to attack.
- The top secret guild vampires found info on is most likely "Nine Kingdom".
- The names of "Ruhenheim" and "Franz Bonaparta" comes from the manga "Monster".
- The npc of this update, Franz, is said to be a specter. One can assume the dark figure/Hildegard, killed him before taking over the Monastery.

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The Dark eden story.
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