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 Client Bugs (Please Read!)

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PostSubject: Client Bugs (Please Read!)   Tue Jan 13, 2015 8:05 am

Thanks to many of you, we have found alot of bugs in client.
I have decided to make new client from scratch, so I could avoid those issues.

But if you still find more glitches/bugs from the current client please let me know on this topic, so I could avoid them.

So far the bugs i´m aware of are :

- When character Logs Out, client disconnects (rarely crashes).
- Slayer Info Window is glitchy.
- Ouster Info Window is glitchy.
- Vampire Info Window is glitchy. (Stat point "+" buttons location is wrong.)
- Character creation has "DKTitan" logo on the upper corner.

If there is anything else or I forgot to mention something, then please let me know.

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Client Bugs (Please Read!)
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